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reformer_tower_groupPilates Reformer/Tower: All levels class.
Utilizing the tower along with reformer will add to an overall full body workout. Class will include small props like fitness circle & hand weights. General knowledge of body placement is required. This class will challenge the mind to take the body to a whole new level.

Power Pilates: All levels class.
This class is faster paced and combines traditional Pilates exercises, like the hundreds or footwork, with gym class moves, like planks or standing lunges including props like the Bosu, Stability Ball and resistance bands. Modifications will be given for specific injuries or physical limitations.


Pilates Reformer Jumpboard
Jumpboard classes focus on incorporating cardio into the Pilates workout. This workout is an all level class, however may be difficult for people with knee and back injuries (check with instructor first before taking this class). Expect to get your heart rate up as the instructor guides you through a cardio based Pilates class designed to work the core, burn fat and develop muscle. Small props like Bosus and hand weights may be included to further challenge your muscles!

Barre & Sculpt
Flow through a series of dynamic movements that restore balance to core muscles of the lower back and abdominals, glutes and legs. Exercise are performance at the ballet bar and on the mat!




Reformer/Weights  is a group strength program using barbells and hand weights for an effective full body workout with a high number of repetitions. Instructors use their own selection of music and choreography to make this a fun, fat burning and body toning workout and elevating your heart rate at the same time! Reformer exercises included! A great addition to your Pilates routine!